In 2009 Mamba focused on the development of alternative payment methods. As a result, the revenue generated by alternative payment methods for 1H 2009 amounted to 72m rubles versus 80m for the whole year 2008. (80% growth y-o-y). Revenue from SMS payments (208m rubles) constituted 71% of total revenue for the first 6 months of 2009.

This financial period was profitable for all of 19000 Mamba’s partners: commission payments for 1H 2009 grew 51% y-o-y. Advertising revenue remained in line with the previous year and constituted 5% of company’s revenues. In its advertising strategy, Mamba focused on increasing the effectiveness of each banner shown rather than just on increasing the number of views and decreasing costs. In 2009, Mamba featured the sale of end-customers, and diversified the range of alternative marketing tools. Mamba’s CEO, Andrey Bronetskiy, comments on this: “We were the first company in the market to implement personalized targeting of ads. E.g., the sample banner of a sports goods store looks like that: “Hello, Olga, we are happy to offer you sport shoes at a 70% discount near subway station Taganskaya”, and such banner will only be shown to a girl named Olga, who lives near subway station Taganskaya in Moscow.”

The beginning of the year was rich with negative forecasts regarding internet companies. But none of those proved true regarding Mamba, mainly due to Mamba’s strategy of product diversification. In 2008 Mamba created “Mon Amour”, an agency for search of serious relationships, this year “Poputchiki”, a service for search of travel companions, was launched. Andrey Bronetskiy sums up: “The ongoing crisis will show if the company’s strategy is right, however, we are optimistic about the future”

Finam Capitalнение


Finam Capital is a private equity firm, focused on growth capital and buy-outs in the Russian TMT sector. Finam Capital operates within Finam Group, a leading Russian brokerage and asset management firm.
Finam Capital is the second-largest private equity player in the TMT sector in Russia. Finam has made 18 investments and 8 exit transactions (directly and via the Finam Technology Fund I, ETF) since 2004, achieving IRR of over 80% and cash on cash return in excess of 3. The current value of the unrealized portfolio exceeds $130m.


Finam Technology Fund II, L.P. (fundraising)

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Finam Technology Fund II, L.P. is the second private equity fund to be launched by Finam. It will be offered primarily for international investors interested in exposure to high-growth private companies in the Russian TMT sector. The target size of the fund will be $100m. Finam Capital will leverage its financial resources, TMT sector expertise, technology deal pipeline and unparalleled coverage of the Russian market (87 offices across the country) to achieve target IRR in excess of 50% for the limited partners.