22.08.2009 Mamba announces 1H 2009 results

Mamba announces 1H 2009 results

Begun together with Rambler Group announce the financial results of context advertising sales for the first half of 2009. Consolidated revenue of Rambler holding, generated by context advertising, was 516m rubles for the period, and Begun corresponds for the bulk of it. The majority of context advertising revenue was generated by automotive, medical and industrial advertisers. Over 30 000 clients used the services of Begun for the period.

Over 1bn of ads is shown in Begun’s network daily. Accredited advertising agencies remain the most important channel of sales. Their number increased by 30% in first half of 2009, reaching 1600. Begun’s dealers are available in 15 countries of the world, including UK, Germany, China and South African Republic.

Alexey Basov, CEO of Begun: “Begun’s strategy is to provide companies of various sectors with efficient tools to acquire new clients. Nowadays, more and more enterprises either start using context advertizing of broaden the scope of its appliances. This results in the growth of intensity of the usage of Begun: the number of placed ads in the first half of 2009 increased fivefold compared to 2008.”

Olga Turisheva, CEO of Rambler Media: “Begun remains our key asset and we continue our work on integrating our services with Begun’s advertising network, on increasing the efficiency of advertising, on attracting new customers”

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